Friday, December 10, 2010

Here's to Life Upside Down- October 5, 2010

Though out my walk with Jesus I have noticed something. When ever He speaks the loudest to me, it is through the animal kingdom. That shows me that He knows me and my love of His creatures.
The last few months have been poignant with these observations. I was out in the backyard one day with my husband. We were sitting near my goldfish bathtub enjoying the shade. Our dog Spud was avidly seeking something around the tub. His antics seldom cease so I was taking little note of him. Except when he bumbled into the pump and bolted out into the yard. I righted the pump and went back to my seat. A few moments later Gregg was out in the middle of the yard with Spud retrieving a muddy slimey item out of Spud's mouth. "What does he have now?" I exclaimed in bitter tone. I got my answer when I saw one of my fish in Gregg's hand. Gregg walked over to the tub and drop it back in. Fearing the worst and seeing the almost lifeless creature, I was sure it was all over for it. Unbelievable the fish recovered from it's crisis in a few minutes.
Now you ask. How does this relate to anything in my life? Though at the time it was just fish and dog and a mystery of how the fish got out in the first place, it became a lesson to me about how I am in God's hands no matter what.

How could being scooped up by a dog ever be a good thing? For the fish it was a very good thing. Though it had to go through the horror of it, it ended up being what saved it's life. Remember, It was at first, some how pulled from it's safe home and dropped into the dirt. Left there gasping for who knows how long. If not for the trauma of being snatched up by Spud and run out to the yard in mouth, it would have died for sure.

Hopefully, I'll retain this lesson as I walk this new life. I was dodging a truth about my health but then I got a symptom that was unmistakable. Though double vision and compromised balance was scary. It has brought me through the dirt and the dog's mouth to a place that has possible saved my life.

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