Friday, December 10, 2010

Life Upside Down-Navigation- October 28, 2010

Step by Step

He does not lead me year by year
Nor even day by day.
But step by step my path unfolds:
My Lord directs my way.

Tomorrow's paths I do not know,
I only know this minute;
But He will say, "This is the way,
By faith now walk ye in it."

And I am glad that it is so.
Today's enough to bear;
And when tomorrow comes, His grace
Shall for exceed its care.

What need to worry then, or fret?
The God who gave His Son
Holds all my moments in His hand
And gives them, one by one
~Barbara C. Ryberg

I'm thinking I am learning a few new things. I am having to rethink the way I navigate my days. One avenue of waiting is over and I have started a therapy for my MS. So I have chosen to take that injection in the evening for a couple reasons. One is using the dog's dinner time to help me remember. The other benefit of an evening shot is that my Greggo is home. His support and help if needed is reassuring. There are a couple of side effects that are rare but possible and I prefer to have him available. He even does the shots on the nights that because of rotation the place is a bit hard for me to reach.
Another one of the side effects is depression. I have been battling this nemisis for a long time, so I am not unprepared for it totally. Already I stay away for things the exacerbate this problem. I leave sugar alone. On rare occasions over the years I have partaken but, have learned over and over I can't tolerate it. I try to keep up a regiment of taking St. John's wort daily. This has been going on for years as well. Lately, I have had to increase the amount to three times daily. Before I was only doing once daily and during the sunshine months I could pass on it entirely. I'm thinking those days are gone. Time will tell.
I am now taking other vitamins and herb supplements as well. I have throughout my life taken courses of vitamin b. Over the past year I have been taking a B-complex. A few other vitamins and herb supplements have found their way into my daily plan. I have been reading a good book about MS and the nurse, Ms sufferer, author has mentioned a few that have benefited her. So I've added Omega 3,6, and 9, cod liver oil, and milk thistle to the line up. I drink a glass of orange juice every day and at the slightest hint of an infection, cold or flu I add GSE.
On the battling depression front I have also learned that keeping up with my exercises is key. It can be really easy for me to ignore them. I really at times need to force myself to get at them. I always feel much better when I do. Not only physically but mentally.
I am learning that having this regiment and sticking to it helps me side step some of the depression. I am realizing that I need to get up, do my exercises, eat my regular breakfast, take my supplements, get cleaned up and get dressed for the day. Then I need to find something to do.
My life is changing and I seem to have little control over it, so I'm trying to have a little control over me. The depression battle is at hand. I'll try my best to keep my head above the waves and trust in My Lord who holds me in His hands.
(and to bolster my feelings I keep my emergency clown nose close by for those terminal days.)

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  1. I would much rather see you with a spoon than a clown nose...but I am sure there are times you will need both...hopefully not with those that know you best. Let us know if we can add a spoon to your collection, on the days you come up short.