Friday, December 10, 2010

Life Upside down: November 26,1020

Some days can get prettydark. I am not up to this battle and it hasn't even gotten hard yet. I don't know what to expect or not expect. I'm battling an invisible foe that is myself, mentally and physyically. With only the weapons I think may help me prevail longer. I literally have to make myself do things that I feel may help me. I sometimes find myself thinking what's the point, it'll probably be all stripped away anyway. Then only by God's Grace, I remember to only look at today. Today I will be glad that I did the exercises. Today I will be glad I took my supplements. Today I will be glad I followed my diet guide lines. Today I will be glad I took my shot. Tomorrow will be whatever it is. Next week, next month will be whatever it is. And next year is a thought that can crush. So I ask my Lord to hold me in His Everlasting Arms and commend all my thoughts to His captivity. I choose to trust in Him no matter how I feel. Though the tears still come or the joys He imparts to me, I trust in Jesus. I remember the Rock I'm anchored to.

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