Friday, December 10, 2010

Life Upside Down: Sim Tom's Attic - November 22, 2010

I have been trying to reason out a few things. Trying to understand what MS is for me and how to copy. I've been reading and trying to learn as much as I can safely tolerate. A lot of what I am reading isn't applicaticable so I don't continue with those issues. So my reading style is scan and pick and choose what I feel will be of benefit.
I am also trying to put into words what it is that I'm experiencing symptom-wise. It's hard to do that. I don't possess the knowledge of what some of it is. There are things going on with me that are re-occurences. Things that happen almost daily. I've been trying to term them for myself and hoping to be able to tag them properly at some point.
For now, here is what I will call them.
Since my double vision, which is totally gone at the time of writing this (22 November 2010), I have had a balance problem. Some times it seems worse than at others. The worsening doesn't seem to have a time frame. It can happen any day or night and can last a few minutes or longer. I am not sure if it is a part of my broken walking style that happens of if the broken walking style is separate symptom.
I also am unsure if my weakness is part of the balance problem of it is a symptom all it's own.
I also have a dizzy, light headed feeling that happens some times. Normally this doesn't seem to last long but it can occur at any time of the day or night and any day without a obvious trigger. At time this dizzy thing happens separate from my balance issues and visa-versa.

During the worst of the dizzy symptom my brain gets involved. I can feel a brain thing happening. I can't really explain this one, it just is a brain thing, a type of confusion maybe, a pressure in the front maybe.
When this brain symptom happens my vision gets involved too. My vision doesn't go away and I can still see fine except it's like it doesn't help me understand what is going on. And I think there maybe some movement on the fringes.
I was hoping I could explain this to myself when I started typing this but it isn't explaining it.
To the point. The balance issue can come and go as a stand alone symptom.
My dizziness can come and go as a stand alone symptom.
My weakness can come and go as a stand alone symptom.
Some of my cognitive issues can come and go as a stand alone symptom.
My broken walking style is a stand alone symptom. Tho' maybe it is my brain trying to help me with a balance thing and I just haven't made that connection yet.
My vision thing is always a part of the worst of my dizzy symptom and my brain pressure is always a part of my vision thing or maybe my brain pressure is always a part of my vision thing. Either way those two seem to go hand in hand.
For the most part, so far none of these symptoms have totally stopped me in my tracks. They have given me pause. They seem to pass quick enough as not to be too much of a problem.
Another symptom that occurs that doesn't happen every day but doesn't seem to have an obvious trigger is fatigue. This has seemed to happen in the evening mostly and all I want to do is be on the couch and do nothing not even try to think.
I am having some personal symptoms that I need to attend to daily by eating properly and taking on the proper amount of fluids.
These symptoms are my MS. They have been here since my double vision episode. I don't believe they are related to or caused by my DMM. (disease-modifying medicine)I am hoping my DMM will help ease these completely or to some degree and keep at bay others. Hopefully documenting symptoms here will help me keep track of their stasis, progress or remissions.

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