Friday, December 10, 2010

Life Upside down-Two Months In- November 3,2010

The Fog is lifting. As I look out on the day from my sliding door, I watch the fog lift and realize that the fog over my life is lifting too. I no longer feel in a complete daze. Sure, there are days when I feel uncertain still but, over all the fog is lifting. I now know what I need to attend to and what it will take to keep going at this point in time. I've realized that things haven't really changed that much. Everything remains so much like it was before my diagnosis. For this I am grateful. I am also grateful that I can see it is so. The things that are changed are now slipping into routine. So much so that there is no longer a fog about them. They are simply how it is and will continue to be. There is comfort in it now. I feel like I am doing the best things I can to help my disease at this point. So here I am two months in, watching the fog lift. Praying that my Lord continues to direct me through.

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