Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life upside down- 5 months in. Step by step.

Again I can exclaim nothing much has changed. I am truly grateful for that. The past month has progressed and we have kept step with it. We have even had some glorious adventures.
Driving has been a highlight. Not a time goes by in a car that I am not grateful. I constantly thank my Lord for the ability to drive or ride. Windshield time is precious to me. I am blessed that my two men feel the same way.
My ms stays the same, mostly. I am experiencing a couple more things but, am approaching  them with a "wait and see" attitude. I am not quite sure if they are ms symptoms or consequences to how I have been dealing with my ms.
There are also a couple of old symptoms that I have learned better to deal with in this passed month so, I am thankful for that. Who would have thought the lowly cranberry would become of so much importance to me.
I continue studying what I can about ms. I continue to log things. I have switched to more electronic logging however. I have found some good software to use to help me do so. For food and exercise I started using an online service. You can use the software online and also download it to a computer. The two can be synchronized.  I am still learning how to work with it. I do like what I see so far. I also found a software for ms symptom tracking. I am still waiting for that to arrive by mail but am looking forward to using it. It will allow me to see daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly comparison read outs.
My dmm therapy continues to go well also. I am quite use to it's effects directly after the injection. I haven't feared bees for along time. These injections feel like a sting and will bring up a red welt. It is short lived. Some days and in some shot areas, they are of little or no effects. I am so grateful for the log book I have from the company. It really helps me keep track of where the next injection site should be. Keeping all that straight with out the logbook would be taxing. It is nice to have a place to write things concerning this down. Remembering it cold would prove impossible. 
I spent this passed month in a state of "Status Quo Days". Though I did do a battle with some kind of flu bug. I was very grateful that it did not exacerbate any of my symptoms or bring about a relapse.
I guess I might as well announce that I cut my hair. I did not change the style. I just lopped off 11 inches and donated it to Locks of Love. I was inspired by a grand niece who had donated her hair a couple weeks before me. I am thankful that this program exists. It is a wonderful caring charity. I thank my Lord I could help in this way. I pray my hair  grows out good and fast because I plan to try and send some more.
So, that is and was the passed month. 5 Months in from my diagnosis. I am doing fine.
January is never a "Ball of Fire" month for us. In the past I would kick against it and call it things like "winter dull drums" or "the horse latitudes". This year it didn't seem so bad. Thank you Jesus for being here every step of the way.

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