Friday, February 25, 2011

Wii Play

It's been 389 days. My game tells me that. It has kept track of how long it's been in our humble abode. It also has a calendar that shows me the days I used it to play or what I call exercise.
One of the games we have and I currently use most is called Wii Fit Pluse. It is a combination of games and exercises. Their is a lot to do but, for the most part I just do the same routine over and over. The game holds my setting and is just a click away.
One of the other screens tells me that if I were a dog I would be "a very faithful golden retriever" because I stick to the same routine. G uses it for a multitude of other things. It keeps us from being couch potatoes.
The routine I use is for strengthening exercises. I try to do these 9 exercises at least 5 times a week. If I don't get the opportunity to do them using the wii I do them without it. They are not exercises exclusive to the program. It usually takes 13 to 15 minutes for me to get through them. They involve balance and core strength.
When we first purchased the console I was exercising to another program. It worked well for me also. Lately however, I've been more concerned with my balance issues.
I realize that the problem is just in my head. ( I love saying that;-)) Better put though. I realize the balance and the other symptoms I have originate in my brain. These are the nerves that the ms has decided to demyelinate. So the signals aren't making the journey as well as they should so I have the balance troubles.
I've read scores of things advocating exercise to keep my muscles toned and strong. It won't heal the myelin sheath that covers the nerves it will just, hopefully, make me able to move smoother. 
So, lately, I've been also using these exercises for a gauge. When I first start up the system I get a chance to  do a Body Test that weighs me. Then I have a chance to perform something called Measuring Body Control. The program gives you a couple test to see how contected your body actions are to your mind. Things like staying centered on the balance board and then clicking on numbers that appear on the screen using the wii remote. You have to click on the numbers in assending order just using you peripheal vision. This is a timed activity. You have to complete this in 30 seconds.
Another test is called the Walking Test. On the wii balance board you take 20 steps at your own pace and it registers on the console. After the  20 steps you'll see a read out that shows you  how balanced you gate is. There are several others.
Each time you use this part of the program you get two random tests to perform. After you perform them the game lets you know how you did by showing you your wii age. Some times this is great. If  you've done well it shows you a young age. The other day I was 40. I you do poorly. It will show you an older age. Yesterday I was 60.
This has been helpful to me. It shows me my condition for the day or for the moment. It exercises my brain.
After this I move onto the strengthening exercises. They are balance intensive. Some of them I have to use my walking stick to help me keep steady enough to  perform them. Other days I can do most of them without it. This has been a very helpful gauge.
I was reading in a book the other day about a women with ms. She uses a crossword puzzle as her gauge. She tries to work one daily. This helps her to see how she is doing. I am sure there are a multitude of others that have devised other daily activities to help them see how they are doing.
I know it may sound silly, to some, to say that I feel that the Lord has lead me in this direction. But, I do. How can a wii be an instrument of God?  The same way He uses other things to help His children where ever they may be. He does direct our paths to our benefit because He loves us.

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