Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A ray of sunshine

After a week of unexplainable illness, O.k. maybe unexplainable illness is a stupid choice of words here. I just mean an illness that I am not really sure of it's origin. Anyway, the very next week I was SO Much better it was remarkable.
After the ill week I had five days of the Status Quo days. It is funny to hear myself say that I was delighted to have them back. I have come to a place of understanding of those. I can navigate those.
I was feeling so good and the weather was so reasonable, I took total advantage of them all. Granted I still kept my head and didn't see if I could push myself too hard.Words from my daddy always play through my thoughts,  warning us of what spring fever can do. He would always stop us before we went out on a spring day and caution us. Be careful out there. Don't enjoy the day so much that you aren't watching out for yourself. Don't let yourself get killed or injured because you're in a rush to have a fun time in the nice weather. Those kind of comments are treasure to me. They reveal a caring, knowing, loving father.
I have mentioned before here of playing with my son's wii all winter long. I am so glad we did. When last Wednesday broke forth with ample sunshine and reasonable temperatures I told him to get ready. We are going for a hike.
I have been wanting to make this hike since last fall. And this day all the pieces fell into place. Even before my son and I could head out my hubby got home. Work had ended early. He was up for the hike too. That made it positively  perfect.  So with out further pale words from me. Here is our hike.

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