Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life Upside Down - Seven months in

Wow. On this side of things, this past month flew by. At the start of it and through the whole of it, the month drug on and on. There is really very little "stand out" things that occurred this past month. It really was much like the month before with our status quo days and even a bits of the new stuff like the nausea and now I've realized what fatigue for me is like.
You probably know the type. The stuff that comes on to stay for whole days where you don't feel like doing anything. Anything.
I'm guessing it's called fatigue. I hope that is what it is. Maybe some depression too? I don't think that so much. I have held court with depression before. I know what it's like for me.
Anyway, back to seven months in. Like I've said most of the days were status quo. One day had status quo elements but I felt so good we hiked. It was wonderful. That's my "Stand Out" day. Then there were several days that were, I guess, I'll call them down days.
I'm stealing that from my boy. Though his down days are few and far between now. When he was young they were just that. Down days. Now I have a type of my own.
The unfortunate thing of these types of days is that they derail my exercise routine. Before this new stuff cropped up I was doing pretty good with the exercise. Now it is broken and inconsistent. I know for the next month I'll be trying to gain back some of the routine I have lost this past month.

When I woke up this morning and remembered it was the day of two anniversary dates. One is my monthly ms anniversary, the other is our wedding anniversary. I sat down at this computer to try to remember what the past month was like when the only thing I want to remember is what our past years were like.
They were good years. Yep, we've had good years. And the paleness of this past month can not diminish them one iota. And I  thank my Lord Jesus  for that.

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