Monday, May 2, 2011

Life Upside Down - Eight months in

This past month has been a continuance of what I think now is a relapse. All of my symptoms, save the double vision, have been evident but accelerated. Worse in other words.  The new stuff is an exaserbation. And if I understand what that means correctly, it's the appearance of the new symptoms. Like the nausea and acid reflux. For the passed two months the Status Quo has changed. Symptoms are numerous.
So I'll try to explain the days I am having now.
Upon waking I have the normal duties of dog care. This I know by rote. I am most times refreshed and just attended to the dogs. Most times walking to the kitchen is accompanied with dizziness and balance issues. In truth, through out the day, if I am navigating, I am having at least some dizziness and some balance trouble.
As the day progresses. If I am sitting down at table or computer, I am usually not dizzy but lately I am nauseous. These bouts of nausea play tag with me all day. I haven't found the trigger. But I have found a help. Peppermint. Whether it is a little Altoid or a stick of gum it seems to quiet the trouble.
If the nausea has moved into acid reflux there is no help that I have found yet.
If we are heading out some where and I have to get ready to go, that brings on my cognitive trouble. The severity of this seems to be dictated by the hurry factor. If it is not a pressure to get ready I am only hindered some. The more rushed I feel the worse the symptom.
I have mentioned before that our lives have been kept low key for a long time. And it remains that way. Thankfully. This seems to be the best strategy against my cognitive problems.
An exception to the is the days of what I have heard termed "cog fog". These are just days when you're completely fogged in with cognitive problems. I have not found the trigger for this yet. They just are and we stay put or rely on Gregg to be the director. I thank God for this man every day.
Usually the mornings go with just these symptoms. Then as noon approaches I start to have weakness issues. In months past this would just entail the right hand. But lately that has changed to include both arms and hands. If I take a few minutes rest it will subside and then I can continue on with the day. This can come and go through out the day.
I have learned that even at times that I am not experience any symptom, if there is a seat available I take it. I am no longer embarrassed to sit down at any time. Even if at the moment I am feeling strong and like I could stand for hours. If there is a seat available I sit. This action may help the evening symptoms to be stayed or not so severe.
Which leads me to the evening. By the time dinner rolls around, the morning activities will tell on the evening.  I always have dizziness, balance issues and cog trouble while preparing dinner. Thankfully again my beloved steps in and lends his expertise.
After dinner and during the evening, I'll most likely start experiencing weakness in my upper body. Sometimes the entire body. I suppose this is just fatigue from the day's activity. And I suppose that when this shows itself for a whole day it's because I have over extended myself the day before.
As the evening progresses, my legs get there heaviness.  I realize now that  this is spasticity. I've had this symptom for several years. I realize now this was probably an indicator of the onset of my ms. It is most times in the late evening. It makes sleeping a challenge.
This passed month has been disheartening to me. I don't know why this has taken me aback. It's not like I didn't know this could happen. This is and will be a progressive disease. I guess I am naive. I just hope and pray I can be accepting of things as they are and live well.
As a side note:
When I was young my family would gather around the tv and watch a weekly program. One of the main characters had a very popular tag line. He would say "No brag. Just fact." when he was talking about something out of his life.
Since the explaining of my passed month may come across as complaining to some, that is really not my intent, I will say. "No Complaint. Just fact."
This month I'll be seeing my neurologist. It will be only the third time. I am, of course, a little nervous. I think things are going as well as they can. Hopefully he'll say the same.


  1. One of my sweet neighbors, a young man I've known since he was 12, was diagnosed with MS about 3 years ago. I'm not sure there are different "kinds" of MS...maybe it just more aggressive in some people. Anyway...he has it really bad and so we are always praying for remission. He's only 30 years old now and is really struggling. It has certainly opened my eyes up to so many afflictions...

    Blessings to you today my friend~


  2. With double vision also, what I have found that has helped me with the nauseous is to close one eye, where reading and watching T.V. My vision trouble has been with me for many years now. As for balance again this is what's worked for me try to keep 3 point of contacts both feet and a hand to something solid and if the lighting is dim make it all four. You can give these a shot or not it's okay by me. I like you am only saying what has worked for me over the years.