Sunday, October 16, 2011

the tight rope

Fall has come. There is a chill in the air and we've been seeing water laden clouds roll in and out for the past few days.
We've also seen the seasons first colds roll in.
The first evidence of one cold was with a visitor from NY, tho' he was keeping it at bay by mega dosing vitamin c while he was here. It was a harbinger. I knew it wouldn't be too long before the cold season was on us all.
Soon we were hearing of others that had been suffering from a end of summer cold. After all school was back in session and we all know that that is a factor in the first appearances of sniffs and coughs.
Our NY visitor went home and finished his siege with his cold. Two weeks later we were battling our own. G was hit with a bolt. This poor kid never does well with colds. He gets hammered every time. Even though both of us take vitamin c daily.
For the past couple weeks I've felt as though I've been walking a tight rope. I haven't felt really bad but, I haven't felt really good either. I know my body is at war. I have felt an increase of my ms symptoms. They are more severe. Thankfully I haven't noted any new symptoms.
In fact this cold is reacting with me just as the last one did.
The last one was early spring and also didn't hit me hard, in the normal cold sense. I spent the month of March on the same tight rope. Not really feeling bad but, not feeling good either. And only really aware that I had a cold because my body was at war and all my ms symptoms were exacerbated. I spent the whole of March this way. So I am totally expecting that October will play out the same.
I am thankful however, because, even though my symptoms are flaring, this is a proving ground. I've been trying to improve my immune system by taking supplements. These supplements have been a part of my regiment since my diagnosis. I've tried to be diligent but have oft times wondered, Is it worth it? Is taking upwards of 10 different supplements a day worth the effort?
If the past two cold battles are indicative of the answer, in my case, It is Yes. Though I still am having a war with the cold, I'm not getting slapped down by it.
There is another aspect of supplements though. This aspect is another tight rope. One needs to be careful with supplements. It seems that someone with ms can over excite their immune system by taken certain supplements or even just too much of common ones. I've been learning it's not a good idea to over excite the immune systems. We need to stay clear of the supplements that boast of the ability to boost immune system function. In someone whose immune system is already too active i.e. already prone to attach itself, immune system boosters aren't such a good idea.
I've been learning that no matter what supplements I am taking the most important thing is to do the research about them. I like to know what I am taking and why. Starting with the lowest dose to see how I react to it before I continue or before I increase the amount seemed important. I try to remember that a lot of the foods we eat already have vitamins and antioxidants in them.

I try to walk the tight ropes and am thankful for them. They have been guides.

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