Monday, February 6, 2012

Meeting my new neurologist.

It was over due. Not because of anyone's fault, just the way it worked out. I had been referred to a different neurologist by my current neurologist. He had given me the choice with an added "she's a ms specialist" and "we're lucky to have her here." I was and am grateful he passed me off.
Due to other circumstances,our meeting had to be postponed 2 different times for two months. Last week our meeting happened.
I really like her. She is a "ball of fire". The information she was passing on
to me came in like a "fire hose".
I always take my hubby to doctor's meetings for support and to help me remember
things that were said. I was really grateful for him again this time.
It was so nice to hear so much about what I could expect. I know that may sound funny but, I haven't really had anyone with this much knowledge or information about this huge part of my life now. I'm delighted to have her in my corner.
After a long talk about all sorts of stuff she gave me the standard checks. I don't know what all of them are called but, touch this, do this, walk heel to toe, can you feel this, finger to nose, touch fingers to finger, tuning fork vibration, and on and on. After all this kind of stuff she says "you're doing excellent". That was so nice to hear.
We reviewed the slides of my first MRI. Then, she continued to get me set up for another MRI, expressing the importance of seeing what changes have occurred since that first one over a year ago. Also, that it could tell us if my DMM (disease modifying drug) is doing a good job for me.
Suffice it to say I am happy with my new neurologist. And am looking forward to the next visit.
We'll be having another peek at my brain.


  1. So glad you were led to a MS Specialist. A good friend of ours has a young son diagnosed with this disease. He's 32 now and is having a terrible time. I didn't know there were different degrees of MS or even if remission is possible.

    Prayers to you for better days~


  2. Hi Rebecca,
    So sorry for this young man's troubles. It can be so hard. We're hoping the best for him.
    It's always a hopeful thing when one hears the term remission no matter the illness.
    Thanks for caring. Sincerely, Kelley