Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Under The Circumstances

I know a lady. She attends the same church that I do. She's nice to be around. A fount of caring, a fount of humor.

On Sundays I sit with my folks and she sits behind them. We exchange greetings and share bits of news before and after service. She knows about my MS. (all of the church knows, we're a small congregation, i garner their prayers)

Most Sundays, when we are both in attendance, she asks me "how are you doing?" I use to say "fine" but this time I said "Under the circumstances, I'm doing o.k." She touches my hand and with a booming voice says "What are you doing there?" I almost jumped out of my skin. Then in her gentle way, she tells me a story and about a friend of hers. How this friend had told her the same thing. "Get out from under those circumstances. Don't stay there. Don't stay under them!" We had a great laugh.

I don't say that any more, and I try not to stay under my circumstances any more. It was a delightful reminder to "Keep looking up" from a dear friend.

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