Friday, August 16, 2013

Monster Summer

Not what one would think.

So this is what's happening.

The summer is beautiful. The things that summer brings are beautiful. The heat is not beautiful for me. I am effected by heat just as many other MS patients.

Heat slows the signals sent by the brain to the different body systems. Even in healthy people heat will do this. With MS it is compounded.
The damaged nerves that happen to MS patients mess up the signals sent to the different body systems. This either takes away the system entirely, or diminishes the system because of the slowed or broken signal, and/or the brain tries to re-route the signal to get the job done.
O.k. All this activity takes energy, endurance, stamina, spoons, whatever you want to call it. Something a healthy person can do some one with MS may be able to do except it can take more energy for the MS person because of the short circuiting that happens. Even just thinking something through can take too much energy because the process is impeded. What use to take just a nano-moment for the brain to reason out when it was undamaged can take considerably longer now and this process can zap the MS sufferer's energy. The resulting fatigue becomes the Monster. So this MS sufferer gets up in the morning. Functions pretty well til the afternoon. Then the afternoon rolls around and she is fatigued and needs to rest. Add heat into the mix and the fatigue happens sooner. Let's say the morning didn't have any physical requirements just mental. The same thing can happen. Mental requirements can take their toll just as physical whether one has MS or not.
It's been a Monster Summer
I am sorry if this is all remedial. Or I'm sorry if this is all a jumble. I am just trying to reason this out for myself. Or trying to excuse myself for the lack of performance.

This past year I had been doing pretty good. May hit me like a ton of bricks. We had a heat wave that slammed me physically and mentally. That slamming progressed into June, July and now August. With me not regaining my previous vigor.
I am trying to stay cool and ahead of this monster but there are days that I lose this battle. Life has become more guarded. I have less spoons right now. I've seemed to have lost some in the heat.
I have fallen in love.
I love my ice vest. It was given to me by STACOOL. Thank you STACOOL! I love my air conditioners in my home and my car. I don't necessarily like feeling trapped in my house. I can't wait till fall to see if I get some of my spoons back.
It seems like a mad science experiment.
I am thankful I live in a place of all seasons and a place were it does cool down in the evening.
I am thankful.

Keep in mind. Heat can effect everyone. Try to stay cool. Love the heat, enjoy it but keep hydrated. Water, Water, Water. I can't stress that enough.
Have a great summer.

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