Wednesday, March 11, 2015

the snowman effect

When I was a youngster there was a television show that would play every Christmas season.
 "Frosty The Snowman". I think it still may on some networks.
This show was a fun cartoon. The joy of winter time fun for kids getting out into the snow. Getting out of school.  Playing in the snow. The fun and excitement of building a snowman. Imagination and magic make the snowman come to life. I don't really remember how it all plays out but I remember one point. That point being the urgency Frosty had when the weather turns warm.
Frosty tries to leave the town as fast as he can. He tries all he can to get out of the heat and on the way to the cool north so he won't melt. One of the little character children helps him onto a train to get him on his way faster. She even travels with him until they figure out the cold that is so good for him is bad for her. Their parting is sad but they separate with the understanding that it is the right thing to do.
O.k. O.k. We've probably all seen this cute little tale, Way more than once. What's this story have to do with me? Why would it be brought to anyone's attention on a blog that claims to be about MS?
Well, I call it, "the snowman effect". I live with it daily.
It's the attempt to stay cool.
It's the degree of urgency that this effect can and will produce in me every time I start to get over heated.
I don't melt into a puddle on the floor. Thankfully. But, I do melt. When I get too hot I lose things. Strength. Abilities fade. The heat cause a short out of sorts. I've written about that before. It can be scarey.
A greater urgency comes into play especially when I'm away from home. Especially if I'm the driver. I monitor myself hyper-closely. I know what not to do for the most part. And am trying to learn more each day.
This winter has been mild and it's finishing up warm. My favorite time of year is leaving in a "Big Dog Hurry". I've already had a couple of occasion of over heating. I should have had my ice vest with me. There has already been a couple of occasions when I've needed to drop everything and make a run for it. Thank the Lord for air conditioning in my car and my ever present wingman.
So, Please forgive me if I have to leave without saying good-bye or explain why. Just imagine you see Frosty hopping a freight train and know you'll see me again when it cools down. If  I  leave  my top hat behind  keep it safe for me please. When I return I'll be saying "Happy Birthday" with a big smile on my face.

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