Thursday, February 2, 2017

Groundhog's Day.

Happy Groundhog's Day.

It's been a long winter already and no matter what -we have until March 20th before it's over. Don't know how this tradition started but that's o.k. I don't know how a lot of things started. (Google it.)

I've been waiting to post here for some time now. But really haven't had much to say. I'm in a kind of "Groundhog"  scenario. I've kind of stalled out.  Our days are slow moving because I'm slow moving now. (MSers well understand this.)

Back when I was able bodied I use to call these slowed down winter days "the Horse Latitudes" or just "horse lats". (Google it.) I would kick against, buck these times like crazy. I hated these times. Now I live in the "Horse Lats" year round. Can't hate 'em now.

I'm hoping I'm not sounding like a whiner. This is just the way it is. (MSers will understand this. Actually, Anyone with chronic illness will understand.)

I am doing reasonable well. My Neuro calls my type of M.S. slow progression. I call it linear. Even. I feel the same daily. Things I've lost remain lost. Not so worse. No better. I am grateful for that. If I'm having flares, they are hidden. The latest M.R.I. Will be the judge of that. (My husbands says it's not so invisible anymore.)

Back to my Horse lats, I've been living here year round.
I woke up this Groundhog's Day remembering the movie of the same name. You know the one. With Bill Murray. He gets in some kind of time loop where he lives the same day over and over and over. (kind of how all our lives can get sometimes,  my horse lats*)

Anyway. It's humorous. Bill Murray.
 I don't believe in the time loop belief,  or any metaphysical events. I just don't. It just doesn't  match up with my Faith.**  But I have taken a couple "gems" from this movie that have served me well.
1. Try not to hate your situation. (Murray's character made some really bad choices concerning this.) 2. Don't waist  time. ( Even though the days seem the same and endless, do what you can. Even if your world seems small, there is always something to do. I read, I study. I try to learn. (It's not great big studies but, they help me.)

For example, In the movie, Murray's character learns piano, French, medicine, he studies the people around him and ends up helping them through their day. O.k. he has lots of time to do these things. Lots of time!

Well, me too. "Horse Lats"

Please don't be sorry for me. I'm not sorry for myself. I am using this time. To learn. To try and be kind to those who I'm around.

Happy Groundhog's Day!

* Here. the horses are never tossed overboard or hurt in any way.

**My Faith is in God.
Genesis 50:20 ... but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, ...

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