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September 3rd - Never a Happy Unnaversary


the day that commemerates the beginning of life after ending a relationship that made your life miserable

"It's January 15th!!! Im celebrating my first unnaversary!!!!"

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by ljtm January 15, 2009

This definition shows up on Urban Dictionary but I found myself using this concerning my MS diagnosis after the first year.
I was surprised that it was in use by others. Though my "Unnaversary" definition is different than what seems to be a common usage for a celebration of a spilt up relationship.
I never celebrate my unnaversary. Never! But I find it hard not to note the day my life changed.
So, today is my 7th Unniversary. 7 years of learning how to live with an unwanted partner that I am unable to split from, break up with, or divorce. 
Though this is a fact of life now I am willing to say I'm doing o.k.
I don't like this new life but I'm surviving it. MS  has stolen a lot from me but it has brought me to a place of more reliance on God. A great trust in Him.
So on this day. This unnaversary I won't say Happy.
I will say. Thank you Lord for being nearer to me, dearer to me. I'm alive and doing fine.

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