Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Visible Tag Team

I went in to town the other day to get my flu shot for the year. Hard to believe it is that time of year again but here it is.
I've gotten a flu shot  3 or 4 years now. Our son, G, has gotten one since the age of 5 to help combat any adverse effects the flu may have on his diabetes.
We've Thankfully dodged the flu these years. Either the flu shots have worked or we've been more careful washing up, or our homebody lifestyle, one never knows. Maybe a combo of all. However it is, I never want to risk getting sick (er). Why risk  compounding the ever present malady with something one can possibly avoid?
I was asked once my reason for getting a flu shot. I replied,  that I simply have two reasons.
1. I never have trouble with the flu shot.
2. I always have trouble with the flu.
That pretty much boils down my reason.

My locale grocery store is where I've been getting my shot. (G gets his at his general practitioner's office)

 We've been shopping at this grocery store for years. It is not one of those huge supermarkets. (thankfully)  It's got a hometown feel to it and it's reasonably close to our home. We've grown to know what to expect there and like the staff. G is comfortable there and that is paramount. They are kind to him.

This day I asked him to do the lion's share of the shopping while I got my shot. He agreed and got the cart. I gave him the list and the bags as well as a reminder not to leave the building without me.  We parted ways and after a time he joined me at the pharmacy as I settled my bill for the shot.

It was then that I received one of the kindest compliments I've ever got. At least I took it as such.
The gal at the register told us that she has worked in the pharmacy a very long time. She remembers G when he was really little and has watched as he has grown up. She told us how she has seen the way I've helped him do the shopping and sees how it's changed over the years.  And now she sees how he helps me.  I was so touched by her comment. I smiled and simply said it has worked out well for us. We "tag team" the days. And truly it has and we do.
I thank God for G. And I am grateful that this gal told us (me) that.
It blessed my heart and made me feel less invisible.

Thankful to The God of All Wonders. Who directs are path. 

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