Thursday, January 18, 2018


It's winter here. Sometimes this season, being the best for me as far as temperatures go, can be the most challenging as far as mobility goes. Snow and ice are not kind friends. Knowing this and preparing for this has been my theme since the cold winds started and the disappearing of  the leaves occurred.
Earlier in this season I purchased some boots with good tread. I was thinking of keeping my toes warmer this winter. My Converse are seldom up to the task. I also had been saving Parmesan cheese containers. Not to keep my feet warmer of course, but, to keep them under me.  What does that have to do with the snow and ice? Well, They make wonderful containers for rock salt or some sort of di-icer. I would imagine even sand or cat litter could be used. Anyway, I try to have one container in each car I drive. It's handy to sprinkle some out onto the road or parking lot  before I step out of the car. I've even been known to sprinkle along my path clear to my destination as I walk. (even helps the back trip) On the same note: a small Mrs. Dash container serves well as a pocket container for the same usage.
I've also purchased some traction devices for my boots. They are slip-on. They work well on ice and in the snow. Providing me with a surer step. One precaution however, don't wear them into a building that has wood, tile, or linoleum flooring. These cleats seem to slide really well on these types of surfice. And "NO" I didn't learn this the hard way. Thankfully. Deductive reasoning came into play for that bit of wisdom. Oh, most likely imparted wisdom.
I've also purchased an ice claw for my cane. It's a nifty device that one attaches to a cane shaft. When flipped down it rides on the cane's tip to grip the ice and snow to aid the cane from slipping out from under it's user. When indoors one can flip this device up so it doesn't mar the floors or slip away on hard services. It's worderfully handy. A favorite aid to be sure. When it came in the mail I pondered (out loud) which cane I should put this on? My husband replied, with a "duh" in his voice "your clear one". Yes, I have a clear cane. I purchased it a couple of years ago and dubbed it my Icicle. It's perfect for winter and now it's equipped for winter too.
Even though I feel well equipped for this winter my limitations still dictate my activities. We still hold to a strict schedule (this started for G's sake but, has become lifestyle) and I must needs live according to my allotment of "Spoons".  I still find myself "kicking against the pricks" though instead of life goading me along, it holds me in place.
I am doing well, I think. I have been holding well with no visible progression of symptoms since my last neurology visit. I am doing well even though I am not currently on a DMM (disease modifying medication).  This life ISN'T what I planned it to be for sure but, I am doing well. This is how it is.
The days aren't without comforts and joys though some times they pass slowly and with difficulty. This is life.
One day, this passed week, we (my husband, myself, and our son G) were out for lunch with some other family members. It had been awhile since we've had lunch out with a group. It was very nice. Getting caught up on some family news. Trying out a different restaurant. Getting out of the house. All very nice.
During the visitation part of the outing, one of the attendees asked us "So what are you up to today?" We (my husband, myself) both answered at the same time, in the same upbeat way. "This." I don't know what the person thought about our response but, the look on her face had a questioning aspect to it. Or maybe I just thought it did cause I am sensitive about this.  I know I shouldn't be but, I am.
We live in a time when people are on the go. Always. Scheduling their days to fit in everything they need or want to do. It's the course of life in these times. Or maybe it has always been so. The busier one is the better it seems. Having full days is a blessing. Having things to do  and being able to accomplish the things needed is a blessing. Thank God for these blessings. I need to remember that. I need to remember this.  My row to hoe is in a different part of the garden. I'm still working at this. My process is slower. My progress is slower.
When we were leaving the restaurant, saying our good-byes. As I was walking back to our car I heard my Dad say "This was fun." In my heart I agreed with him.
"This" was fun.


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